Karin Vyncke, choreographer & performer

KARIN VYNCKE choreographer/Brussels,b.1960


Classical training with Marina Van Hoecke.
Trained in contemporary dance in New York and Paris.
Danced with Gerhard Bohner and Reinhild Hoffman in Germany. Worked with Cie Maguy Marin from 1982 till 1988.
Did her first choreographic pieces in the studios of Maguy Marin (Paris).
Originally worked with her own company, Compagnie Karin Vyncke in France, but settled in Belgium since 1992. The company became "Aquilon vzw-company Karin Vyncke" and is support by the Cultural Centre De Pianofabriek in St Gillis.
Since 1996 she makes besides her full evening projects also performances who are called SHORTS DANCES.The purpose of this work is to explore different locations and involve visual artists.
Yoga Iyengar

Créations :
SUS SCROFA (2007), BUNGALOW (2006),
VLUG STUK (2003), And yet not without wandering about (2000), TAR (1998), VLASNAALD (1996), NERF , Febr. ‘9* (1995), COULD CAN BE (1994), WINTERNACHT (1993), ALL SHALL BE WELL (1992), VOUS AVEZ APPRIS QUE JE TOMBAIS (1991), KREUSET (1990), MÉ-ZON (1989), SOUS LES VÊTEMENTS BLANCS (1987).

Shorts dances : (Performances) :
Parcelle 128, undisciplinated forest ritual work with choreographer Sandrine Bonnet and children from Arc en barrois FR
METROWERKEN ! – TRAVOMETRO ! (2009) Organizes and participates event @ the metro stations in Brussels inside the event BRXLBravo
TAPIS-CADDIES (2008) Streetperformance with 8 performers en collaboration with Les Halles inside the event SuperVoisins
BELGIëQUE (2007)Performance @ Pianofabriek
SALON-LAVOIR(2007), event in a public wash... inside the event of BRXLbravo
ZIJ aan ZIJ/ Moeder & zoon(2005) BRXLbravo performance with son (12)
Alocha van den Houte inside the event of BRXLbravo
LA BOURGOISE ENSANGLANTÉ (2000) @ métro Place de Brouckère Brussels 2000
SHOT DANCE (2000) @Fort Napoleon in Oostende at the seaside and in the see
SUGAR/ BABY/ LOVE (1999) performance-installation-event with 15 visual artists @ les bains connective
PALIMPSEST (’98) performance in an installation conceived by de Yoris van den Houte
UPSIDE DOWN (’98) performance
BEAUTY FREE(’96) performance in the basement of Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent.

Besides her choreographic work
2023 : Dances in WHAT REMAINS choreographed by Zoé Demoustier
2011 : Dances in WOMEN choreographed by Ugo Dehaes Kwaadbloed
2010 : expo collages D’abords les forets...,opus 1
2010 : Participates within the l’exposition ’What did I do in 2009 ?’ @ Pianofabriek
2009 : Direct AUTOCHTONE for the circus collective AOC in France
2008 : Works with theatre director Claire Gatineau on 2 shows ‘La flute en chanté’ (work with children from 13 till 17 years) and ‘Hanabi silentieux’ theatre for children
2005 : Co-organizes KRONIK bRUSSELOISE in st Gilles & Ixelles
From 2002 till 2006 collaborated with Fabrice Gorgerat(CH), cie JOURS TRANQUILLES, as a performer and a leading the mouvement work for the actors. Following pieces have been created : Protestant !,To be or to be, Judith, Le tallent pour le bonheur
2004 : SLACHTWERK as an actor with theatre director Vital Schraenen
(Tirasila vzw )
becomes a member of the video-group PTTL
2002 : Assisted Julien Faure Cie. Distesa (Marseille)
2002 : Teatcher at the « Hoger Instituut voor Dans » in Lier and makes a chor. “Ai”

2001 : Receives funding for a workshop with Min Tanaka in Japan

Video et videodanse :
SUS SCROFA (2013) video installation collaboration with Yoris van den Houte
BOKS (2010), animation K.V. music Alocha Van den Houte
KRONIK SPOETNIK(2005), POMPIERS(2005), LUDOVIC (2005), GOLF-OORLOG (2005) edit by K.V. chez PTTL
“SOUS LES VETEMENTS BLANCS” (1989)edit by K.V. Patrick Zanolli, production C.A.C.-Montbeliard.
“TRISTITIA” edit by K.V. Dirk Gryspeerd BRT. The video received : ’le Prix SACD de la musique pour la composition de Jan Kuijken “5ième Grand Prix International Vidéo Danse”.
"LENA’S VERHAAL" (1995) edit by Franck Vrankx.

2019 : expo Collages solo Théâtre Marni, Ixelles
2018 : expo collective Collages; Ten Weyngaert, Forest
2017 : Kiosk Installation Vitrine a collaboration with Yoris van den Houte
2016 : expo collective L’EXPédition Chateauvillain (Fr) vidéo installation with Anne Laure Misme : BOUCHE, LANGUE, GRIMACE
2016 : Karavane 1060, retrospective, Maison Pelgims, St Gilles ( social-artistic work)
2016 : Expo Collages ; parcours d’artistes, St Gilles
2012 : Expo collective Cutting Edge Women, Verbeke Fondation
2012 : Expo collective Cartes Postales, la galerie 100 titres 1060 Brussels
2010 : expo collective Collages D’abords les forets...,opus 1
2010 : Participate in exhibition ’What did I do in 2009?’ @ Pianofabriek

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