Creation 2000

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It was my first reaction on press and dancecritics and the stop of the government support. Shotdance is a spontaneous reaction to the way a journalist can demolish the artist as well as his work.
The performance started inside the Fort Napoleon, the gettoblaster continued the ’shooting’ sound, the audience followed me towards the sea. There I putted down the gettoblaster and continued performing in the sea...

Location :
Fort Napoleon in Oostende, in the Northsee

Concept, performer : Karin Vyncke

NEWS 06/2017

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Cours danse contemporaine au Pianofabriek
02/07 : Performance SHOT DANCE dans le cadre de l’expo ordinaire du désastre// permanence de la joie à l’expedition site Le Chameau, 4 route de Châteauvillain

08-> 29/08 :
Intervention pédagogique cie Maguy Marin : RAMDAM