Creation 2007

Within the project of BRXL Bravo

Salon Lavoir, 32 rue Fort, St Gilles, Brussels

With Lisa Da boit, Jean de la Fontaine, Angelique Willkie, Alocha Van den Houte, Karin Vyncke, Ruth Pringle

The washing machine is turning and wringing – hypnotising those who stare at it.
In a 30 minute washingcyle we show you several images / situations that could be coming from those heads.

Thanks to PTTL,
commune Sint Gillis (Vlaamse aangelegenheden) & KWP de Pianofabriek

NEWS 05/20

2 juli
Expo collages Andresy (Fr)
Expo collages Chateauvillain (Fr)
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PERFORMANCE Geannuleerd verschoven naar 10 december
Nature Morte ou Naturellement Mort
26/03 : LAUSANNE théâtre de la la grange de Dorigny

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09>06/2018 :Hedendaagse dans @ Pianofabriek