This is a general approach of technical demands for the show BUNGALOW. We hope all the things we requiere in the show are listed. Not all of them are demanded to the host-theater. Things can be brought with, others can be easily hired by the Company Karin Vyncke through the benefit of the Flemisch gouvernment (it takes time !!) We are fully disposed to adapt.
This means, that the play is between a performance and a play, between low and high budget.

BungalowCrew :

Yoris Van den Houte : General, sound and video, stage. Contact : +32 476 33 26 85

Colin Legras : Lightdirector, stage. Contact : +32 474 37 75 77

Joëlle Reyns : Lightdirector, stage. Contact : +32485 63 94 06

General remarks :
Ideal circumstances (fully equiped theatre, 4 stagehands ) we can built up in one day. working day from 08h . show at 20h.
The public space is 4.50m from stage. Public is sitting on tiers.

Setting :
We bring our stage back curtain 11,90m width/ 3,90m height. The floor is a grey dance carpet that we bring 4m depth. We ask all around black drops minimum 5m height.
The portal of the setting is one black top masking border 9m width, from the floor up to the border 3m.
stage left/stage right open.
Monitors and props on stage dispersed.

Lights :
3m in front of the portal and 3,80m height from the floor a pipe for 16x500 Watt lamps, 2 videoprojectors and 1 profile spot 1000Watt
1 pipe 3m width 15cm behind the black top masking border height 4m : 8x500watt quartz
1 assymétric quartz 1000Watt
stage right 2 mini-profiles 105 Watt + cheap laser lamp
stage lamp
5 néon tubes 36 Watt
_ !!! All these lights the Company can bring with. But it might be wiser just to adapt .

Sound :
2HP monitors ( MTD 115b) hung up at the height of our back curtain
1 sub on the floor (MTD 118) amplifiers and processors
3 CDplayers
mixing soundtable 6/2/2 with filter sections (high/medium/lomedium/low)

Video :
2 videoprojectors type optoma H50
2 videoshutter/mixette/etc..

Contact :
Artistique : Karin Vyncke+32484351359
Technique : Yoris Van den Houte +32476332685

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